Not many of us really know, for obvious reasons. But we all hope that libraries will be open, and will be working hard to encourage people back through their doors.
That’s where Friends groups could really help.
Here’s one idea. TLC is calling on Friends to back National Libraries Week, October 4-10. The week is a regular October fixture, cunningly timed for the period when councils are starting to think hard about
their next year’s budget…
This year’s theme is “Taking action, changing lives”, to emphasise libraries’ role in running activities and getting people together. A good message post-lockdown.
The Libraries Week website is full of useful advice, plus graphics for social media and four different posters – some of which have space to fill in your own messages and give them a national gloss. Some members have told us they would welcome the chance to show their activities have national relevance.
Nearer the time there will be a national publicity campaign by the organisers, the librarians’ association CILIP.
This year, for the first time, TLC will also run a national campaign with press releases and social media. The exact content will be topical, so the details are yet to be worked out. But we’ll certainly be saying that libraries need Friends…
So it’s not too soon to start thinking what local groups might do at local level. And to send us your ideas about what we can do for you (email
We know one group that is planning an event for local councillors and the council’s decision-makers. Great idea! Another group will use the posters to highlight its regular monthly author talk.
What could your group do? And how can we help get your news out to the national press? Let us know!

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