The Library Campaign : 14th January
Fight the stripping of the library counters in North Yorkshire

South Wales Evening Post : 13th January
Libraries could be brought to book
Swansea wants Pub Libs renamed as ‘book clubs’ to make them “cheaper to run”
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Your Thurrock : 13th January
Will Stanford and Corringham libraries close? (Local councillor doesn’t mind as he isn’t up for re-election in 2018!)

The Lincolnite : 14th January
Lincolnshire County Council resubmits libraries cuts plan

Boston Standard : 14th January
Councillors asked to go ahead with controversial library reform

Lincolnshire County Council : 14th January
Changes to library services still ‘the way forward’

Lincolnshire Echo : 14th January
Future of Lincolnshire libraries due to be revealed today 

Save Lincolnshire Libraries : 14th January
How to judge today’s new plan for libraries from Lincolnshire CC

Save Lincolnshire Libraries : 12th January
Petition debates wiped out at Lincs Full Council

New Year Statement from Save Lincolnshire Libraries 

DAILY TELEGRAPH : 14th January
Rise of smart phones and social media makes people crave real books, British Library report finds
The chief executive of the British Library said the world of computers, smart phones and social media was no threat to the traditional library, instead encouraging people through its doors.

Leon’s Library Blog : 14th January
And the award goes to…

library photo

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Library News Round-up: 25 January 2015

Pedronicus UK : 25th JanuaryThe crisis in UK public libraries – A Beeching moment ? Lincolnshire Echo : 25th JanuaryLetter | Lincolnshire County Council defies consultationfrom Liz Waterland, Chair, Friends of Deeping Library Stamford…

Libraries News Round-up: 3rd December 2013

THE BOOKSELLER : 3rd December ACE grant to library artists sparks controversy Mancunian Matters : 3rd December Is the end nigh for Greater Manchester's libraries? ITV News :…

Library News Round-up: 17th December 2014

DCMS : 16th DecemberAnnual report to Parliament on public library activities during 2013/14 : 16th DecemberAlliance formed to improve access to digital services National Authorities on Public Libraries in Europe (NAPLE)…

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