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Bolton News : 28th December
Big drop in lending after library axe

Now, the first council report published on the impact of the closures has been submitted to the Government and has revealed that borrowing fell by almost a fifth.

A good number of library user comments on this one, including those who can no longer access a library because of the expense of travel.

Bolton News : 28th December
Bolton Central still a place for information
Those using the computers seemed drawn from every demographic and age range, from fathers with prams to people of retirement age and students. In this information age, computer and online use is perhaps the most important thing when the issue of library closures is raised, because it is not just a loss of access to books, but to information itself.

Express & Star : 28th December
Home library service revamp to save £60,000
An overhaul of Wolverhampton’s home library service, which could save around £60,000 and see several staff posts axed, has been unveiled.

Get Reading : 28th December
Wokingham | Library use on the up

Good Library Guide : 28th December
What are public libraries for?

THE INDEPENDENT : 28th December
At libraries, dogs are all ears

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