THE BOOKSELLER : 9th October
Jarvis leaves library role, replaced by Goodman 

Question Everything : 9th October
Questions to Swindon Borough Council on Libraries

This Is Hull & East Riding : 9th October
Thousands face sack in Hull City Council contracts row

Inside Moray : 9th October
Library campaigners highlight Moray Councillors’ ‘broken promises’
“In reminding people of what councillors actually said to the electorate at the last local elections we hope that those representatives concerned take a long and hard look at themselves and the reprehensible line that they have taken.”

North London Today : 9th October
Enfield Libraries’ updated computer systems ‘riddled with faults’

Daily Post : 9th October
Libraries, sports facilities and street light all under threat as Wrexham Council face £54m cuts

Wrexham Council leader, Neil Rogers

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Libraries News Round-up: 7 April 2016

Public Libraries News : 7th April Editorial | The other 11% are misinformed:  89% say public libraries are crucial Doughty Street Chambers : 6th April High Court quashes decision to close…

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