‘Thunderclap’ for Lincolnshire Libraries

Save Lincolnshire Libraries : 7th July
Rallying Cry | And so begins Lincolnshire’s High Court Fight for Libraries 

Lincolnshire Echo : 7th July
Save Lincolnshire Libraries: protest heads to the High Court in London

Lincolnshire Echo : 7th July
Sir Peter Tapsell urged Lincolnshire County Council not to close libraries

Staffordshire Newsletter : 7th July
Stafford residents to have their say on the future of libraries

Derbyshire faces cuts to library service

BBC News : 7th July
Derbyshire County Council announces ‘toughest cuts in history’
The potential reductions include:  Reducing staffing and opening hours for libraries, with less money for books

Leicester Mercury : 7th July
No genuine consultation on future of our libraries : 7th July
Community Trust Could Take Over Wrexham’s Cultural Services : 7th July
Public take to library e-books
A trial scheme to make e-books available to library users is a stunning success, one local council is reporting.

Police State USA : 6th July
Four librarians gagged and threatened with prison time under the Patriot Act

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