Welsh Government : 3rd December
Written Statement – Public Libraries in Wales

The Star : 5th December
Sheffield pupils take library battle to Town Hall
The youngsters also handed over 200 copies of a survey completed by pupils in primary and secondary schools in south-west Sheffield – the findings of which showed almost two-thirds of children would stop using libraries altogether if their local Totley Library was to close.

Sheffield Telegraph : 5th December
Pupils urge council rethink over libraries
more detail

Swindon.gov : 4th December
Library Strategy consultation to be discussed by Cabinet


Bristol1247 : 5th December
Cabinet live: Bristol mayor to decide on Central Library school plan

Milford & West Wales Mercury : 5th December
Pembrokeshire | Council to review mobile libraries

Save Lincolnshire Libraries : 5th December
Library Staff Speak

Public Libraries News : 4th December
Editorial | Maria Miller would be proud: Lincolnshire and that Arts Council England grant

Scunthorpe Telegraph : 4th December
Decision made on proposed changes to library services in Lincolnshire

MK Web : 5th December
New Milton Keynes library taking shape

Borehamwood Times : 5th December
Hertfordshire Meeting in Borehamwood to discuss future of library service
detail is informative

Totley Library

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Libraries News Round-up: 29 March 2016

THE BOOKSELLER : 29th March BBC investigation finds 8,000 library jobs lost in six years http://www.thebookseller.com/news/8k-library-jobs-lost-due-closures-325187 BBC News : 29th March Libraries: The decline of a profession? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-35724957 BBC News…

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