THE GUARDIAN : 25th November
The future of libraries – keeping the service alive
Join us Thursday 28 November to discuss how councils can reinvent library services in the 21st century

DAILY TELEGRAPH : 25th November
Michael Morpurgo: Bring back story time in every school

THE BOOKSELLER : 25th November
Call for unity at Speak Up For Libraries 

Public Libraries News : 24th November
Lessons learnt from Speak Up For Libraries event

Public Libraries News
What are the current issues in libraries? Speak Up For Libraries Workshop: 23rd November

Question Everything Blog
Speak up for Libraries 2013 
Steve Davies excellent and funny introduction. The video of his speech, the streamed video of the Q&A and quite a few pictures are below. I have a surgery meeting with my MP David Cameron next Friday …

Good eReader : 25th November
Outlook Grim for Public Libraries

Sheffield Telegraph : 25th November
Library policy branded ‘poor’

Bristol 124-7 : 25th November
Surely we can work out a way to save our libraries?

THE GUARDIAN : 25th November
The arts are more than a way to make money, Maria Miller
The culture minister tells Hull what a financial boon being City of Culture will be. She’s missing the point

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