Spalding Today : 13th July
Almost 180 jobs face axe if libraries go
“I have to say it’s cultural vandalism what they are doing.  Lincolnshire has the least educated workforce in the country and we  have the lowest number of students who stay on at school to achieve  their full educational potential.  Libraries are important for  education, they are not just the hub of communities, which ours is.”

Stamford Mercury : 13th July
Lincolnshire | Concerns over threat to mobile libraries   

Grimsby Telegraph : 13th July
Plan for major overhaul of library
“To do that, we need to ask users and the wider community what they want and expect from the  service and design it to reflect that within the resources we will have  available in future.”

Thame Gazette : 13th July
Buckinghamshire | ‘E-book lending set to go through the roof – but it doesn’t spell end of libraries’            
E-book lending by Bucks libraries will go ‘through the roof’ in the  near future – but library buildings will survive as community hubs. That is the view of David Jones, who runs the library service in Bucks.

mobile library 2

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Libraries News Round-up: 12 August 2016

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