A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham, who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

Public Libraries News : 23rd May
Editorial |Adapt and survive: Arts Council England’s stark message under the gloss
… what the report means for any remaining idea of a national public library service is terrifying in its extremes.  Each library is a low-lying island is the underlying philosophy and you’d better build your sea barriers up now because the tide is rising and it’s your fault if you drown.

Melville House Books : 24th May
What’s the future for the UK’s local libraries?
I’d love to see a list with gusto; one that didn’t seem to contain a strong feeling of defeat within its objectives. Each point seems defensive, as though answering a number of criticisms: libraries don’t do enough for their communities, libraries haven’t embraced technology, libraries aren’t working hard enough, library staff aren’t right for the job. And yet … http://www.mhpbooks.com/whats-the-future-for-the-uks-local-libraries/

Lead Story | ACE Envisioning: “wake up call to government”
good comment from Laura Swaffield

WMF panel: libraries need national e-lending model

Save Croydon Libraries Campaign : 24th May
Shh! Laings win Croydon Libraries  

Hereford Times : 24th May
Protestors arrive in Hereford 
Councillors will later today vote on a new budget that could signal the end for many of the county’s libraries and museums. The Hereford Times will be carrying a live blog from the meeting – due to start this afternoon.

They Work For You : 21st May
eBook lending and Audio – Rewarding Authors

Croydon libraries ship

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Libraries News Round-up: 10 February 2018

BBC News: 10 February Trafford to be 'first' council scraps library late fees http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-43015919 ITV News: 10 February Fines on overdue library books to be dropped in Trafford http://www.itv.com/news/granada/update/2018-02-10/fines-on-overdue-library-books-to-be-dropped-in-trafford/ Denbighshire…

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