The Sieghart report on public libraries has sat on the minister’s desk for over a month. No sign of publication.

Maybe it’s because the minister (Ed Vaizey) is waiting until he can publish it alongside news of what he’s going to do about it. Maybe.

For action is urgently needed – and it’s perfectly possible, William Sieghart stressed when he spoke on Tuesday (4 November) at  a Westminster Media Forum event.

He used the word ‘quickly’ a lot. And there’s no need for massive innovation or funds, he said. What’s needed, he said, is a body that will be responsible for getting his recommendations put into practice.

And, he made clear, somebody or something must shake up local authorities and library leaders to do what they should have been doing for years – sharing resources and best practice. And doing some…er, leadership.

As for grassroots librarians, he had a hymn of praise.

“Librarians around the country,” he said, “are going beyond the call of duty, dealing with the most difficult people, who don’t trust anyone else… people who fall through the cracks in social services.

“Librarians are under-valued, they do amazing things that you see only if you go to a library. They are the community entrepreneurs of the future – less less ‘shhh’, more ‘come on in’.

“What they need is leadership, investment, belief.”

And volunteer libraries? Sieghart expressed “great admiration for what [they] have done. But volunteers shouldn’t run libraries. I don’t think they are a model that works effectively, especially in deprived areas. We need sophisticated librarians.”

Got that, Ed?

WMFEvents snip

More from Sieghart:

* I have been told over and over again that nobody wants another bloody review. People want action.

* Localism is a strength and a weakness – local libraries are loved but are disconnected as a national network. There’s no consistency of strategy, resources.

* The library is the most trusted place in the community.

* [Social class] As and Bs don’t use libraries, but they run the country… they have no idea what librarians are contending with. Middle-class, middle-aged and monied, they think that Kindles mean you don’t need libraries.

* Some local authorities struggle to know how to deliver – they tend to panic, go for closures or volunteers. That will be a disaster.

* Bring the community into the library. Once, parents weren’t involved in schools, now they are. With involvement and proper consultation, the service improves, and quickly.

* 35% of the population use libraries. 50% of poor people do, and the most hard to reach people. It’s more important than ever now the government is trying to deliver more & more things digitally.

* We need a digitally literate and digitally fluent society. If we don’t get one, inequality will get worse. Any vision of a competent, competitive society must include libraries.

* There are astonishing libraries around the country. They are the future.

* A dream library – and I have seen many – is flexible, has more than one type of space (eg, for children or for quiet study), has a working toilet and wifi. (Fewer than half have wifi – it’s appalling, bonkers. They are closing libraries while half the population is sitting across the road using a coffee shop to get wifi. All sorts of businesses have installed it widely, at little cost.)

* Libraries give health advice, support for education, support for small businesses (10% of start-ups in Northamptonshire are via libraries). So many government departments have a stake, but haven’t realised how significant libraries could be.

* There’s lots to do about joining up. It’s not about new resources, or lots of money. And it’s not rocket science.

* We need to turn the narrative – and quickly.

WMFevents Sieghart

DAILY TELEGRAPH : 30th October
Government turns 1,000 public buildings into WiFi hotspots 

Vaizey: Public-building wi-fi cash will keep cities ‘internationally competitive’ – 30th October

The Star : 30th October
Minister ‘not minded’ to order inquiry into Sheffield library takeover

Liverpool Echo : 30th October
Authors plan protest against closure of 11 Liverpool libraries
Campaigners will hold a peaceful demonstration outside Central Library on Saturday, November 8

This Is Local London : 30th October
Greenwich’s libraries face disruption over strike action today
The disagreement surrounds Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), the social enterprise company awarded the contract to run the borough’s library service by the council in 2012.

Wirral Globe : 29th October
Letter | Wirral libraries’ future is ‘done deal’


library sign

THE GUARDIAN : 10th October
Writers join fight to save Liverpool’s libraries

Liverpool Echo : 9th October
Proposals to rescue Liverpool libraries come in as community rallies to save ‘at-risk’ facilities
People attended a public meeting with Liverpool council to raise fears over the plans to shut down 11 libraries

Wirral Globe : 10th October
Librarian fury at council plans to ‘decimate’ service

Public Sector Executive : 9th October
Government may intervene in volunteer takeover of Sheffield libraries 

Martyn Wade, CILIP Chair, quoted

Grantham Journal : 10th October
Lincolnshire These are cuts we can’t afford to make, says Labour councillor Charmaine Morgan

Staffordshire Newsletter : 10th October
Penkridge library campaigners present 3,200 signature petition to Staffordshire County Council

Manchester Evening News : 9th October 
Trafford Youth centres, libraries, children’s services in firing line
Around £700,000 could be saved from a £2.3m pot for the borough’s 14 libraries. Options include reducing opening hours, shutting some and recruiting even more volunteers.

Yorkshire Post : 9th October
Leeds | Libraries must start new chapter to get us through their doors


Save Lincolnshire Libraries : 29th September
Open Letter to Ed Vaizey re Sheffield and Lincolnshire Libraries 

LGA : 29th September
Sheffield | Citys libraries poised for volunteer takeover

BBC News : 29th September
Volunteers run half of Sheffield’s threatened libraries

The Star : 29th September
VIDEO and report | Sheffield libraries start new chapter today
Peter Butler, a committee member of STAND – Stannington and District Library group – which is running the facility, said: “We didn’t want to take on the library, but if we didn’t it would have closed, there was no choice.

Leon’s Library Blog : 29th September
Public library reports 

Public Libraries News : 28th September
Editorial | Who’s to trust?

Yorkshire Post : 28th September
Libraries change hands in volunteer takeover
Volunteers are set to take over at the helm of 13 libraries in Sheffield from today in a controversial community takeover designed to save £1.6million, despite the looming threat of a Government inquiry into the decision.

Lincolnshire | Friends of Deeping Library 
September Newsletter 
Nick Worth has agreed to stop using the phrase ‘willing volunteers’ when talking about FoDL and other groups forced to plan to run their libraries if needed.

Louth Eye : 27th September
Lincolnshire CC Denies Libraries Any Crumbs

Save deepings library

Book now for 22 November in London. SUFL is the unique national conference that brings together local campaigners, union members, library users and library workers.

As always, it’s a rare chance to talk directly to the people who make the decisions at national level.

This year, SUFL are structuring the event to make sure delegates can network and discuss their ideas, then have a general feedback session, before engaging directly with the speakers.

SUFL 2014’s line-up puts the spotlight on the major issues that make this a crunch year for public libraries – next year’s general election, and the two major inquiries (on England and Wales) due to report soon.

It is vital that decision makers understand the real effects of their policies at local level. This is your chance to tell them!

Cost: just £20 for a full day with lunch and refreshments (£25 after 24 October). Open to all. (TLC will consider paying travel expenses for paid-up TLC members who have a long way to travel).


Helen Goodman MP (Labour shadow minister) 

Justin Tomlinson MP (Conservative)

LibDem spokesperson TBA 

Sue Charteris, panel member of the Sieghart Review in England

Claire Creaser, chair of the Welsh Review of the Public Library Service

Ian Anstice, Editor, Public Libraries News
Barbara Band, CILIP President
Alan Gibbons, author and library campaigner


Book a place online or telephone 020 8651 9552


Full details and updates can be found at

The hashtag  is #SUFLconf14

SUFL colour banner PNG


SUFL is a coalition of organisations and campaigners working to protect libraries and library staff:

Elizabeth Ash – library campaigner;

Campaign for the Book – established by author and educational consultant, Alan Gibbons;

Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals (CILIP) – the leading professional body

The Library Campaign – the national charity supporting friends and users of libraries;

UNISON – the biggest union in the UK for library and culture services;

Voices for the Library – campaigning organisation, sharing positive stories about public libraries and librarians, and providing factual information about library usage in the UK.

Public Libraries News : 15th September
2 Past Presidents express fears over CILIP leadership proposals 

The Herald : 16th September
Oxfordshire | Volunteers will run half of county’s libraries by 2015

Leicester Mercury : 16th September
Letter | Village library is vital for community’s wellbeing

You assume we would be able to raise large sums of money year on year to keep a library open and to expect someone to have overall responsibility for volunteers and keeping it on track is unrealistic. …

Melton Times : 16th September
Leicestershire County Council needs to make extra £40m savings as cabinet
looks to reduce Melton Library opening hours

Wales Online : 16th September

Former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain challenges David Cameron over impact of spending cuts on councils

Stoke Sentinel : 16th September
Staffordshire | Consultation to be held over the future of Knutton Library

library photo

Voices for the Library : 15th September
Response to the Rural Libraries Report

Public Libraries News : 15th September
Editorial | Big library trends: three tier services and Trusts 

Lincolnshire Echo : 15th September
County council leader Martin Hill apologises over handling of library consultations
It comes after UKIP county councillors this afternoon pushed for his resignation and a public apology over the situation, revealing a motion due to go before Lincolnshire County Council on Friday, September 26. 

Stamford Mercury : 15th September
Lincolnshire | Letter: Let’s see evidence of your ‘open mind’ 
Friends of Deeping Library, along with many other groups in Lincolnshire, were bullied into volunteering to run libraries by the threat of closure from Nick Worth and the Executive. We were not willing volunteers.

Solihull MBC 
New Shirley Library opens 

Wales Online : 15th September
Welsh council workers stage mass lobby of the Assembly over job and budget cuts


Save the Children has  launched a new report,
highlight the importance of literacy – and the UK’s current dire performance. For instance, it says:

‘England is one of the most unequal countries when it comes to children’s reading levels, second only to Romania in the EU. The gap between the strongest and weakest readers is equivalent to
seven years of schooling.’

The charity is forming a coalition – Read On. Get On. – to push the message, and get some action.  

If everyone comes together around a single message like this, it can only be good.

The coalition includes The Reading Agency, Booktrust and the National Literacy Trust.

ROGO logo.135xauto

The Library Campaign is signing in principle.

We aim in particular to ensure the Read On. Get On. campaign gives much more weight to the value of libraries than it does right now.

This has already been promised…

ROGO logo.135xauto

Sign the Read On. Get On. petition here:

Download the report here: Read On. Get On. How reading can help children escape poverty

Check out the Read on. Get On. website

Follow on social media #ReadOnGetOn

ROGO logo

Private Eye : 21st August
Issue No. 1373
Library News (p.30) | LIVERPOOL 
available now in all good newsagents


What’s the point of paying for service if you then have to do the work yourself?
The service industry – the engine of the British economy – is turning into the non-service industry

public libraries cited

Includes comment by national library campaigner, Shirley Burnham 

Chronicle Live : 19th August
Newcastle Campaigners celebrating after High Heaton Library is saved from closure

source : @DoreenSteinberg on Twitter
VIDEO | Luton Council shunned by electorate – ignored Wigmore Library petition 

Library Journal : 21st August
Annoyed Librarian | Yet Another Bookless Library


Our daily digest of news items is provided by Shirley Burnham.  You can follow her on Twitter at @ShirleyBurnham.

BBC Radio Merseyside : 8th August
Interview with Alan Gibbons – opposing Library closures
Mayor Anderson: 1 hr and 01:58 mins in, and Alan:  1 hr and 09:00 mins in 

The Guardian : 1st August
David Cameron backs prisoners’ reading restrictions

The prime minister has refused request to meet campaigners against ban on inmates receiving books from outside.

Fast Company : 8th August
USA | The public library wants to be your office
Shoving books aside to create community-centered coworking spaces doesn’t sit well with some library loyalists


Mum and son campaign to keep Falmouth Library open longer.

Don’t forget! 10 year old Leon Remphry is working hard to save libraries.  Please sign and share his petition. Find it here:

Liverpool, Glamorgan and Islington face library cuts

ITV News : 8th August
Libraries at risk of closure in Liverpool funding review

Liverpool Echo : 8th August
Jade Wright: We must fight library closures every step of the way 
“I’d run the council out of a Portakabin before I’d see libraries close their doors”

Liverpool Confidential : 8th August
Final chapter for 11 city libraries
It seems North Liverpool, which includes some of the UK’s most socially deprived communities, will become book-free zone for many, with not a single library close by.

Liverpool Echo : 8th August
Revealed: Liverpool’s 11 libraries at risk of closure are named

Source:  a Tweet from PLN : 7th August
Mayor recommended to councillors today the closure/community running of 11 out of 19 libraries – see page 15 

Islington Tribune : 8th August
‘Scaremongers’ attacked over libraries and swimming pools closure fears

Hull Daily Mail : 8th August

Residents save Holderness Road library as Hull City Council announces U-turn

Telegraph & Argus : 8th August
Kirklees | Hundreds sign petition to save Spen Valley library from closure

Alyson’s Welsh libraries blog : 7th August
TV soaps, Libraries and public debate – guest post
Dr Anoush Simon is a lecturer in the Department of Information Studies at Aberystwyth University : 8th August
USA This Librarian Is Not Impressed With Your Digital, No-Books Library
Adam Feldman is a librarian in Philadelphia


Islington Gazette : 7th August
Secret Islington Council document: further details uncovered
Libraries ‘options’ clarified

Despite repeatedly promising not to close any libraries, both proposed plans for the future of book lending in the borough involve closure.

Islington Gazette : 7th August
Half libraries in Islington to shut under secret council proposal
What the proposals envisage: closing five libraries; West, Mildmay, South, Lewis Carroll and John Barnes

Local Government Lawyer 
The latest on cuts – the Lincolnshire libraries case
It is important to take advice to ensure consultation does not occur either too early or too late. There is plainly no use in a consultation exercise without any idea of potential outcomes. Equally, central elements of any plan cannot be pre-determined, as occurred in this case.

Wales Online : 7th August
Vale of Glamorgan libraries facing cuts as council struggles with budget
Introduction of community supported or managed libraries …
Bookfund cut from £220,000 to £195,000
Opening hours likely to change – opening later and closing earlier 

Save Lincs Libraries : 6th August
“Will Councillor Martin Hill please… “

Huddersfield Examiner : 7th August
Kirklees Petition launched to save libraries in Batley area 
“Uniquely in Batley and Spen, our library services are enhanced hugely by their buildings. Close or relocate the libraries to a pokey corner somewhere else and you diminish the service and experience for everyone.”

Burton Mail : 7th August
Staffordshire | More than 1,000 people respond to library consultation

All of the people have come forward within the first three weeks of the consultation, which the authority described as ‘encouraging’.

Think Tank | New Local Government Network (NLGN) : July 2014
On With The Show – Supporting Local Arts & Culture
Libraries feature prominently throughout this new NLGN report

Library sculpture : 6th August
Six months in, and 80% of UK library services sign up to Access to Research

User numbers released on Access to Research project

Mirfield Reporter : 6th August
North Kirklees MPs say there must be a way to save library services
Simon Reevell (Con, Dewsbury) blamed Kirklees Council for the threat to services, but Mike Wood (Lab, Batley and Spen) said government cuts were the root of the problem.

Huddersfield Examiner : 6th August
Kirklees | Public meeting called to create a vision to save Meltham Library services

Enfield Independent : 6th August 
Palmers Green Library refurb to start this month

Mid Devon Gazette : 5th August
‘Don’t shelve future of popular library’

The future of Bampton Library in Newton Square is under review, along with other libraries in Devon.

Wilts & Glos Standard : 5th August
New mobile library for Wiltshire unveiled
“The new Wilton mobile library will help Wiltshire Council to continue to provide this vital service to our communities”

header copy

SCL : 5th August
SCL digital study points to unique role for public libraries as physical spaces for
accessing digital knowledge and opportunities

Huddersfield Examiner : 5th August
Kirklees Public meeting set to save Lindley Library
Kirklees Council faces having to cut its £6.3m library budget to £2.8m by 2017 and now officers have come up with two options – option one will leave just Huddersfield and Dewsbury libraries, plus the home delivery service, with 100 staff losing their jobs.  Option two will save both main libraries, along with number of smaller community-led library hubs plus the home delivery service, with 60 fewer staff jobs. 

West Briton : 5th August
Literary lad is so close to library petition target
Help that target to be reached !

Swindon Advertiser : 4th August
Letter | Why keep on asking us? 
Libraries consultation – John Lister, Swindon 

Heart Radio : 5th August
Peterborough Libraries To Close?

Peterborough Telegraph : 5th August
Libraries under threat

Kilburn Times : 5th August
Barham Library campaigners raise £35k to take over axed branch

News Shopper : 5th August
Bromley Mobile Library is being cut (axed)
The council says due to “unprecedented financial pressures” the facility will park up on Monday September 8.

Burton Mail : 5th August
Talks over cuts to South Derbyshire mobile libraries

Manchester Evening News : 5th August
Fixing benches at the library? I wrote the book on it, says DIY hero grandad Walter 
The bench being reinstalled coincides with the library being re-launched as The Place At Platt Lane.  After council funding was pulled in budget cuts, it has been transferred as a community asset to the Friends of Fallowfield Library and City South housing association.

CILIP : 5th August
John Dolan becomes CILIP Trustee for second time as a result of Tom Roper’s decision to resign 

Media Bistro : 5th August
USA | Libraries Are Challenged by eBook Business Model: Study
IFLA Study:




Leon’s petition:


Yes, it’s 50 years old and showing its age a bit – the 1964 Public Libraries & Museums Act.

This finally made providing (and promoting) public libraries a legal duty for councils, not just an option. And it gave the relevant government department a duty to oversee their quality (and improvement).

Solid stuff.

VftL comments…

Voices for the Library has published a sheaf of very interesting comments on the Act.

TLC comments…

It’s puzzling, though, that none of them refers to a recent-ish time when the DCMS actually did its job properly.

And it worked!

Good news – for a while…In 2001 (under Secretary of State Chris Smith) it issued official Public Library Standards.

These were quite detailed – including professional staff, spend on stock, number of ICT terminals, hours open, and even how near everyone should be to their local branch. And much more.

Every council had to report how well it was meeting each Standard, every year. And you could check every council’s performance on the DCMS website. It had a very salutary effect.

Check out the details (now buried in the National Archives) at, for instance:


It worked – so they junked it.

In the DCMS’s own words: ‘The aim of the Standards was to help create a clear and widely accepted definition of a Library Authority’s statutory duty to provide a “comprehensive and efficient service”, and set for the first time a performance monitoring framework for public libraries.

‘Since then there has been a significant increase in library opening hours, improvements to stock and ICT provision, an increase in user satisfaction and visits.’

They still have Standards in Wales and Scotland, and they still work. Library quality and usage continue to improve nationwide.

But the English standards were revised (mostly downwards) and finally junked. The result is the nightmare we are living with today.

Second chance

There was a second chance that DCMS also muffed. The one and only time the DCMS used its – actually quite draconian – powers to hold a proper enquiry was at Wirral in 2009

Wirral aimed to close a lot of libraries, and local people protested long and hard. Sounds familiar….

The DCMS was lobbied to intervene by the librarians’ professional body and the quango in charge of libraries. That sounds very UNfamilar these days.

…and they junked it!

The report by Sue Charteris was a masterly updating of the real meaning of the Act – especially in terms of councils’ duty to promote equality and protect vulnerable people. Very useful. More relevant today than ever. Widely praised.

But DCMS wimped out of endorsing it in any official way. Because the ruling scared Wirral into reversing its cuts, said DCMS, there was no need to take matters any further.

It was just a Wirral thing… OK?

TLC concludes…

The 1964 Act has some holes in it these days.

But the main message is this – it won’t matter what any Act says if DCMS declines to do one darned thing to get it implemented.

And that’s where we are today…

FoCL from Flickr

BBC News : 26th July
Hundreds sign boy’s Falmouth Library campaign

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 26th July
Hello, Hello, Hello, What’s All This Then?

Burton Mail : 26th July
Burton and Barton under Needwood communities to be given chance
to have their say on future of libraries


Arts Professional : 25th July
Arts and culture valued by vast majority of local authorities 

York Press : 25th July
York’s new mutuals celebrated 
A reception was held at 10 Downing Street on Wednesday to celebrate the fact that 100 of these societies are now up and running.  Explore received a £100,000 grant from the Cabinet Office to help develop its organisation and took on council library staff and responsbility for the service in May this year.

Kirklees proposes ‘nuclear’ library closures

Huddersfield Examiner : 25th July
Communities rally round to save Kirklees libraries from closure

Huddersfield Examiner : 24th July
Kirklees considers ‘nuclear option’ to close all but two libraries to save money 

Sheffield Telegraph : 25th July
Libraries booking in as community ‘hubs’
Each of the libraries will be open for at least 15 hours a week, but groups will set their own times based on volunteer capacity and demand.

The Star : 24th July
Editorial | New chapter for libraries
Campaigners have fought hard and, in the end, have won the right to run their own libraries.

Loughborough Echo : 25th July
Library petition is handed in 
and school children send 40 letters

Stoke Sentinel : 25th July
Anger as Staffordshire CC plans to cut library opening times

Heart Radio : 25th July
School Boy Campaigns To Save Libraries

Mum and son campaign to keep Falmouth Library open longer.

Please see Leon’s campaign to stop the cut in library hours in Cornwall 

You Tube : 24th July

100s of schoolchildren sing protest song in order to keep their local library open

Exmouth Journal
Lights, camera, action for library!
When asked why the school got involved with the project, deputy headteacher David Perkins said: “You read a lot about libraries being closed because the perception is they’re used by the elderly, not the younger generations, and we wanted to get across in the strongest terms that this is not accurate, and the families in our community use it in a number of ways.”

Local Gov : 24th July
Councils urged by NLGN Think Tank to share arts and culture services 
ACE’s Alan Davey contributed to the Study and is quoted 

NLGN Think Tank Study : 24th July
Local Authorities must find new ways to champion the arts & culture

Society for Research in Child Development : 24th July
Press Release | UK Study : ‘Stronger early reading skills predict higher intelligence later’ 

Private Eye 
Issue No. 1371 (p.27)
Library News | APPG report on school libraries
available in all good newsagents

Lincolnshire Echo : 24th July
Lincolnshire CC deny trying to manipulate media response from community
hub groups following library ruling in High Court 

BBC News : 23rd July
Threatened Sheffield libraries to remain open
All 15 Sheffield libraries threatened with closure will remain open after the city council agreed to let community groups run them.

The Star : 24th July
Library volunteers hailed Sheffield ‘saviours’
Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg paid tribute to the hundreds of ‘saviours’ who had come forward.
The council said 66 full-time equivalent library posts are to go …

Birmingham Mail : 23rd July
Five Birmingham district libraries given £250k charity cash to attract more youngsters

Animal Encounters - Muswell Hill with captionsIf you have a library image we can use on our website please get in touch!


BBC News : 23rd July
Libraries ‘crucial’ for local life, people tell Welsh Assembly inquiry

ITV News : 23rd July
Libraries ‘much more than books’ for Welsh communities 

National Assembly for Wales : July 2014
Report – Public Libraries in Wales

Wales Online : 23rd July
Fancy running your library? AMs warn community-run libraries are likely to be a reality as cuts bite 

Eversheds International : 23rd July 
Decision to cut libraries quashed by High Court
A slightly more detailed legal analysis of the Lincs judgment than those seen to date

Mirfield Reporter : 23rd July
All but two Kirklees libraries at risk of closure

Leon’s Library Blog : 22nd July
Better than indifference!

Leicester Mercury : 23rd July
Letter | Council appears to have lost the plot
Most of the above are occurring when we are being told through their consultations that libraries must close due to lack of funding?  Have they no respect for the many of us who are finding it difficult to make ends meet?

Hull Daily Mail : 23rd July
Holderness Road library faces closure under Hull City Council cuts News : 22nd July
Worcestershire Hagley Parish Council steps in to save library
An agreement has been reached whereby the county council will continue to provide a library service through the support of volunteers while the parish council takes over the responsibility for the building and the premises management costs involved.

Cotswold Journal : 23rd July
Bigger, brighter library heading for Bourton

Ledbury Reporter : 22nd July

Hay-on-Wye police station to move
Hay-on-Wye’s police force could soon be operating out of library, after the announcement from Dyfed Powys Police that it is looking to relocate the station.

Good morning Peckam! by andobrien

Locality : 22nd July
Income Generation for Public Libraries: a Practical Guide for Library Service
Commissioners and Providers in England

Library Campaign : 21st July
The spin behind council’s message on libraries exposed by Dorset library user 

Ledbury Reporter : 22nd July
Hay-on-Wye under attack 
The town council has issued a public warning that funding for libraries and playing fields could soon follow the public toilet budget down the pan. 

Loughborough Echo : 22nd July
Leicestershire | Air your views on communities strategy 
The council has launched 10 weeks of consultation on how it will: 
• Help people and communities to support themselves and vulnerable people, reducing the demand on public services;
• Devolve services – increase the ability of community groups to take over, or work more closely with, services currently delivered by the council;
• Ensure voluntary groups support the council to deliver its priorities on service devolution and help for vulnerable people.

News Shopper : 22nd July
Kent County Council admits to job advert blunder after libraries vacancy is pulled
Kent County Council has admitted it made a “mistake” by posting a job advert about transforming its libraries into a trust model – before publicly consulting on the change or having councillors agree to it.

Express & Star : 22nd July
Staffordshire library’s hours under threat despite review
“I am very concerned that this consultation is not as transparent and open as it is being made out to be.  It appears that in some areas that decisions have already been made.”

Hinckley Times : 22nd July
Leicestershire | Book lovers hoping for people power win

Sunderland Echo : 22nd July
Letter | What about those without gadgets?
“It is very sad that we now have a group of people who can be called the ‘digitally disenfranchised’”. 

Ripley & Heanor News : 22nd July
Derbyshire | Have your say on mobile libraries




John Mowbray, an MSc student of Information and Library Studies at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow is currently conducting research into the impact of community grassroots campaigns on public library closures in the UK.

 He is seeking participants for his survey questionnaire, a link to which can be found below. He requires the response of people who have, to varying degrees, been actively involved in a grassroots movement as a campaigner against the proposed closure of local library facilities.

Please take a look and moment to respond. And please share!

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