Public Libraries News : 15th September
2 Past Presidents express fears over CILIP leadership proposals 

The Herald : 16th September
Oxfordshire | Volunteers will run half of county’s libraries by 2015

Leicester Mercury : 16th September
Letter | Village library is vital for community’s wellbeing

You assume we would be able to raise large sums of money year on year to keep a library open and to expect someone to have overall responsibility for volunteers and keeping it on track is unrealistic. …

Melton Times : 16th September
Leicestershire County Council needs to make extra £40m savings as cabinet
looks to reduce Melton Library opening hours

Wales Online : 16th September

Former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain challenges David Cameron over impact of spending cuts on councils

Stoke Sentinel : 16th September
Staffordshire | Consultation to be held over the future of Knutton Library

library photo

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Libraries News Round-up: 9 November 2016

PRIVATE EYE Issue 1431 "... replace them with glorified cupboards scattered across town." Library News (p.33) -- Warrington Yorkshire Post : 9th November Letter:  Sheffield | Sorry chapter in history of our vital libraries…

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