• Your library? Shut down.
  • Youth club? Shut down.
  • Refuge? Shelter? Park? Closed.
  • Your high street? Shut down.
  • Nightclub? Shut down.
  • Music venue? What’s one of those?

These are the opening lyrics – and libraries are the recurring theme – in ‘Shop’, latest

song by Brighton ‘punk rock poet pop’ band Gulls. 

They call it ‘a clarion call to resist those who close libraries and open chainstores’.

And we like it! Listen/buy via https://www.gullsband.co.uk and at Spotify,
SoundcloudiTunes or YouTube.

And there is an article in the new issue of the Library Campaigner (now at the printers)  by singer Rhi Kavok (a teacher) about what libraries mean to her.

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