It was a good session – plenty of clever ideas from library Friends and users. We’ll be taking them forward.
We started with a presentation from Nick Poole, CEO of librarians’ association CILIP. Well worth a watch. The good news is that the library professionals are really getting their act together. They have initiatives we can use and support. And they are taking on board users’ suggestions. First on the list is working together to make a success of Libraries Week in October. Then graphic designer Helen Anderson gave a preview of her project to set up a poster/image bank for all to use – and contribute to. This would be a real time-saver for busy Friends groups. The inks she posted in the chat are here, here and here. Those are all links to her twitter account. She also flagged two site which had inspired her – and
There was lots of discussion. Plenty to get to work on. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

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  1. Can you post the links to Helen’s ideas. Thank you

    1. Andrew Coburn 3 years ago

      Links now aded to the original post

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