The document sets out that any criteria for the statutory provision of public libraries should be based on the Core Entitlements within the Standards, listed below. Therefore, community managed libraries should meet the following Core Entitlements in order to be considered as part of the local authority’s statutory provision of public libraries.  

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Core Entitlements:

Customers and Communities
WPLS CE 1: Ensure friendly, knowledgeable and qualified staff are on hand to help.
WPLS CE 2: Stage a range of activities to support learning, enjoyment and enable users to obtain the maximum benefit from the available resources.
WPLS CE 3: Provide access to a range of services and resources to support lifelong learning, personal well-being and development, and community participation

Access for All
WPLS CE 4: Be open to all members of their communities.
WPLS CE 5: Be free to join.
WPLS CE 6: Provide a safe, attractive and accessible physical space with suitable opening hours.
WPLS CE 7: Provide information resources for individuals and groups with special needs.

Learning for Life
Lend books for free
WPLS CE 9: Deliver free access to information
WPLS CE 10: Provide free use of the Internet and computers, including Wi-Fi.
WPLS CE 11: Deliver free use of online information resources 24 hours a day.
WPLS CE 12: Provide access to high quality resources in a range of formats, including those in the Welsh language, reflecting changing forms of publication.
WPLS CE 13: Share their catalogues, to enable a single search of all Welsh library resources.

Leadership and Development
WPLS CE 14: Promote libraries to attract more people to benefit from their services.
WPLS CE 15: Regularly consult users to gather their views on the service and information about their changing needs.
WPLS CE 16: Work in partnership to open up access to the resources of all Welsh libraries.
WPLS CE 17: Provide access to the library service’s strategy, policies, objectives and vision, in print and online, in a range of languages appropriate for the community.
WPLS CE 18: Provide a clear, timely and
transparent complaints process if things go wrong.

Read more here: New guidance on community managed libraries and statutory provision

Download a copy of the document here:

 Community managed libraries – in English

Community managed libraries – in WelshScreen Shot 2015-05-29 at 18.11.55

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