Library Campaigner and Swindon resident Shirley Burnham has sent the following to each  Councillor in Swindon in preparation for the Budget Setting meeting tomorrow.

Dear Councillor,

Council Meeting – 21st February
The Small Libraries : Covingham & Liden, Old Town, Penhill and Pinetrees

Please find attached a Pie-Chart which sets out the distribution of cuts to Libraries in the Budget. I sincerely hope that you might find time to take at least a brief look at it.

You may conclude from the chart that the Small Libraries are to suffer from a disproportionate cut in opening hours and staff hours.

It also raises the question as to whether the savings have been fairly applied.

Most residents understand that they cannot challenge the c£99,000 cut to the Library Service – but they do ask the Council to reconsider how the cut should be applied, in order to avoid a postcode lottery in the quality of service provided. The current proposal would seem to impact some residents and neighbourhoods wholly disproportionately.

That is the reason for the Petitions circulating at the present time, just to ask for a fairer deal for these libraries on which many depend.

In closing, may I appeal to you to consider the information on the Chart and, should you find it persuasive, ask that Members and Officers arrange to distribute this cut more fairly.

Thank you.

Kind regards:
Yours sincerely

 Shirley (Burnham)
Library Campaigner


What will be the outcome?

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