to speak up for libraries!

Anyone can make their voice heard where it matters at the Speak Up For Libraries national lobby of Parliament.

Whether you are currently active in a library campaign, a library worker a library user or just care about what is happening to our libraries, you’ll be welcome.

Please help us to spread the word!

The event is open to everyone who cares about libraries. If paying for fares is a problem, contact The Library Campaign as we may be able to help. Your presence is important to us!

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Speak Up For Libraries unites The Library Campaign with all the other major organisations working for the future of libraries – Campaign for the Book, CILIP (the librarians’ professional association), UNISON and Voices for the Library.

On Tuesday February 9th, we’ll join together in a mass lobby of MPs and ministers – reminding them that central government and local authorities alike are failing in their clear legal duty to provide a ‘comprehensive and efficient’ library service to all who want it. The reason: they simply don’t understand what libraries do.

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We’ll start with a morning rally at Central Hall, Westminster – with video, songs and a line-up of authors and campaign speakers. The event is free, with tea and coffee provided. 

From 1pm, people will head off to meet their own MPs (we’ll tell you exactly how to do it).

National press – and our own photographer – will be around throughout.


Over 100 UK libraries were lost last year, and at least 441 have closed in the past five years. Another 149 are currently under threat. Here’s a special chance to tell the politicians that this is a disaster on a national level.


Book a place online or telephone 020 8651 9552

Further information and booking 

Full details and updates can be found at

Book a free place at:

Email:, or call Elizabeth on 07968 491 355.

The Twitter hashtag is #SUFLlobby16

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  1. Robert SC Kemp 8 years ago

    Couldn’t libraries be used as a community base for medical detection dogs? You know these dogs who have been trained to sniff out cancer.

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