logo.pngThe Library Campaign has worked, as part of the Speak Up for Libraries coalition of organisations and campaigners, to plan and deliver the second Speak up for Libraries Conference and bookings are now open.

Public libraries are facing an uncertain future. While the austerity agenda continues and the cuts bite deeper library services are needed more than ever. High quality libraries fight illiteracy, support learners and are essential services in communities across the country.

Speak Up For Libraries are holding a conference to support those that care about  libraries – including library users, campaigners and library staff – to understand more about the challenges facing libraries, what can be done and to set a national agenda.

The Conference takes place 10am – 4.30pm on Saturday 23 November 2013 in central London. Bookings are now open!

At the Conference you will…

  • Hear what experts think the future of public libraries looks like.
  • Hear from senior figures in libraries about what their organisations are planning for the coming years.
  • Meet the Speak Up For Libraries team and talk to others about what they offer and their plans.
  • Have the chance to ask speakers your questions.
  • Discuss what local campaigns need.
  • Set an agenda for campaigners and organisations to pursue.

The founding members of Speak Up For Libraries are:  Elizabeth Ash – library campaigner, Campaign for the Book – launched by award winning children’s author Alan Gibbons , CILIP, Mar Dixon – library campaigner, The Library Campaign, UNISON and the team at Voices for the Library.

To register please visit https://speakupforlibraries.eventbrite.co.uk/ 

Details will be sent to all our members.

We aim to ensure that downloadable material is added so that communities and individuals can spread word of the Conference to those not part of the online community.

Bookings are being taken by CILIP but you do not need to be a CILIP member or supporter to attend. You can contact the Events Team at CILIP on  020 7255 0540 with queries or if you are unable to book online.

Join us to Speak up for Libraries to protect library services, and the staff that provide those services, now and in the future!

Please help spread the word!


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