New from CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals) – the CILIP Library Fund, a ‘new initiative to support UK libraries and information services’.

CILIP says,

‘The Library Fund, which will not replace or duplicate core public funding for libraries, has been kick-started with a £10,000 investment. During 2016 and 2017, CILIP will implement a UK-wide crowdfunding campaign for individuals and companies to build up the Fund with the aim of creating a new Grants Programme from 2018.

‘The intention is to support a range of projects and activities that improve access to information and knowledge, literacy, health, digital inclusion and life chances.’

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The Library Campaign says,

‘Good luck to CILIP – but this initiative just nibbles at the edges.

‘The whole public libraries situation is crazy. The DCMS pretends everything is fine. Many local councils have no clue how vital an investment libraries are.

‘The Taskforce does – but takes permanent under-funding as a given. Arts Council England has a few millions for libraries – but only for non-library arts activities.

‘Now we have CILIP passing round the hat, adding to the mish-mash of bits of funding for libraries from various foundations and grant-givers. Libraries need more than this.’

Nick Poole, CILIP Chief Executive, said,Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 23.08.38

‘I’m thrilled to launch the CILIP Library Fund. There is so much support amongst the public, creative industries and businesses for the transformative services our sector provides. Until now there hasn’t been a way for our supporters to help libraries provide additional services and activities that improve life chances and create a better society.

‘Libraries and information services in the public, private and third sectors make communities stronger, support research and innovation, and help businesses grow. Now our supporters can be part of the difference that we make.’

The CILIP Library Fund will be open to applications from all parts of the information, knowledge and library sector. Applications will open in early 2018. The Fund will not be used to replace core funding for public libraries or other statutory services.

CILIP will fundraise through crowdfunding, encouraging legacies and corporate giving. Supporters will be able to plan and implement their own fundraising activities to contribute to the Library Fund.

We’d love to know your thoughts…

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