3 Replies to “Welcome to The Library Campaign”

  1. Giancarlo Gemin 8 years ago

    You might like to see the blog I did on libraries on the Writers & Artists website called “Visiting Libraries” (I won’t put a link just in case your firewall blocks it).

  2. Have you seen the “Long Live The Local” ad campaign highlighting the plight of local pubs ( if not it’s on YouTube here
    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=unfECDZ8hAk )
    They’ve also put ads at Brighton station https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zX99-kehV9M
    This would be a great idea to promote the plight of libraries in the uk.

    Best regards

  3. John Van Der Kiste 5 years ago

    Libraries are an essential part of the fabric of our heritage, our culture, our education and our opportunity for self-improvement. We have all grown up with them, and despite ready access to information online, we still need books and information services. We should not be denying to future generations this vital tool that we have had in the past. After all, Victorian values – the Victorians started public libraries!

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