Lincolnshire Echo : 29th August
‘Even those who declared loyalty to Stalin kept their libraries open, so why not Lincolnshire’

Torquay Herald Express : 29th August
Devonshire | Community celebrates Ashburton Post Office and library opening 

Daily Echo : 29th August 
Southampton | Council consultation on libraries’ closure was not fair


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One Reply to “Library News Round-up: 29 August 2015”

  1. Chris Embrey 5 years ago

    Visiting the United States recently I came across a poster with details of the new library planned for the small town of Stockbridge, in New England. What is it the Americans of New England have realised about the value of a library that our Neanderthals in government haven’t?

    Anyone would think that a library service was some late 20th century splashing-out by a profligate socialist government. History tells me that we’ve had a library service of some kind since Victorian times. However urgent the need to bring government and local authority expenditure into budget, I can’t believe that a library service is so low on the list. What kind of society do we want?

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