THE GUARDIAN : 26th December
The future of Britain’s libraries: why lattes and Wi-Fi are nothing to fear 
I’m torn between being thrilled by the possibilities and convulsed with fear at the thought of how little the government seems to care about any of it.

Northern Echo : 26th December
Stockton | New library to open in Billingham
and other library co-locations

Wales Online : 26th December
Cardiff election candidate in row over her support to save city libraries

Montrose Review : 26th December
New Trust for Angus culture and leisure?

Loughborough Echo : 24th December
Folk urged to register interest in running their (36) libraries 

Horncastle News : 24th December
We’ll fight to secure Coningsby and Tattershall library – Mair (UKIP)

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Libraries News Round-up: 26 February 2018

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