Celebrity endorsements won’t solve illiteracy 
Morgan’s plans are problematic, and smack of government tendencies to hastily paper over serious cracks in educational issues. By laying blame for children’s illiteracy upon teachers, schools and parents for taking an active interest in their child’s development, Morgan deliberately detracts from the real issues at hand – the closure of local libraries, the failure to fund school libraries with well funded resources and full-time staff, …

Public Libraries News : 23rd August
Editorial Just £100k, volunteers and some curious stock policies

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Libraries News Round-up: 12 November 2015

Phil Bradley's Weblog : 12th November CILIP's weak statement to the Prime Minister CILIP : 12th November CILIP calls on Prime Minister David Cameron to develop publicly-funded libraries…

Libraries News Round-up: 3 January 2018

Birmingham Mail: 3 January Closure date for Sutton Coldfield Library announced Daily Post: 3 January Sex, drugs and fights - Why some bookworms are banned from libraries

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