Infoism : 21st July
Why I think we need to speak out against media assaults on public libraries

Spalding Guardian : 21st July
Council leaders bid to save libraries offer
Plans to reform Lincolnshire’s library service are in limbo ….

The Star : 21st July
D-Day for Sheffield library plans
But the results will not be publicly available until Wednesday as the council has told groups to keep the news confidential so staff can be briefed.

Public Libraries News : 20th July
Editorial | What’s the effect of volunteer libraries on the Summer Reading Challenge? 

Exeter Express & Echo : 19th July
Devonshire | Ottery fears for its library’s future

DAILY MAIL : 21st July
Councils cut services, not salaries: Two thirds have ignored Government’s pleas for pay restraint and reduced
spending on libraries or retirement homes instead

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Libraries News Round-up: 14th May 2014

ALMA-UK : 14th April ALMA-UK announces publication of new research on the Economic Value of Libraries and launch of the Economic Value of Libraries Toolkit Public Net : 14th…

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