The Scotsman : 19th September
Letter | Save our (school) libraries 
Dorothy Williams is Emeritus Professor of 
Information Science, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

The Scotsman : 18th September
Trio of Scots writers back school library fight

The Scotsman : 17th September
Editorial | Books are the key to education 
scroll down … 

Hereford Times : 18th September
Letter Libraries are essential service 
WHAT planet are our councillors on that they plan to save money by closing libraries?

CMS Committee : 9th September
Oral Evidence | Priorities of the Sec of State for Culture, Media and Sport
Q104 and Q105 – Libraries


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Library News Round-up: 20th November 2014

THE BOOKSELLER : 20th NovemberVaizey accused of 'offloading responsibility' on libraries Work For You : 19th NovemberWestminster Hall Debate | Public Libraries (England) Briton : 20th NovemberLeon Remphry, 10, hosting Falmouth debate…

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