The Conversation : 17th March
We need to remember that libraries are about books, not business

BBC News : 16th March
Plans to close seven Bristol libraries on hold

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 17th March
Advocacy under austerity, Vaizey, Northamptonshire & donations and cynical electioneering | @

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 17th March
LSSI target Bakersfield raising a possible conflict of interest and Union concerns

Public Libraries News : 16th March
Editorial | Be the King of one thing, don’t Jack it all in: Lessons from Columbus, Ohio

Altrincham Today : 17th March
Trafford Council receives “expressions of interest” in all three options for future of Hale Library 

Canterbury Times : 17th March
Hundreds sign libraries petition, says Herne Bay Labour group 

Canterbury Times : 17th March
Faversham consultation: What you think about your library 

Penarth Times : 17th March
The Vale | Book thrown at library changes


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