A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter. There were no notable news items yesterday.

Cultural Value Initiative : 8th February
Community Libraries – looking to the past to inform the present by David McMenemy
These were all reasons why the public library service was failing the public, yet 71 years later for political purposes we are proposing to go back to the kind of structure which McColvin fought so hard to eradicate.

Islington Tribune : 15th March
Library ‘secret’ sparks stand-up row in the street between by-election rivals

Save Croydon Libraries : 14th March
Shh! Croydon Labour calls meeting over Libraries 

Information Daily : 15th March
Public libraries must adapt to survive, says Capita 


They Work For You : 14th March
Public Libraries: Closures | Written Answers:  Culture Media and Sport


Croydon libraries ship

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Libraries News Round-up: 14th October 2013

THE INDEPENDENT : 14th October Neil Gaiman: Closing libraries 'is like stopping the vaccination programmes'  http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/neil-gaiman-closing-libraries-is-like-stopping-the-vaccination-programmes-8879956.html Reading Agency : 14th October Neil Gaiman delivers our second annual lecture good detail…

Libraries News Round-up: 12 March

Border Telegraph : 11 March Newspaper move not a matter for council, says leader http://www.bordertelegraph.com/news/15148734.Newspaper_move_not_a_matter_for_council__says_leader/ Ledbury Reporter : 12 March Dutch visitors offer inspiration for Hereford Library http://www.ledburyreporter.co.uk/news/15151046.Dutch_visitors_offer_inspiration_for_city_library/ The Gazette : 12 March Funding boost means green light for…

Libraries News Round-up: 16th November 2013

You Tube : 16th November Save Barnsley Library | Video - Hands Around the Library http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51_S4fzSfIY&feature=youtu.be ITV News : 16th November Barnsley Council: Library service needs to be modernised http://www.itv.com/news/calendar/2013-11-16/council-library-service-needs-to-be-modernised/ BBC News…

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