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Like the new Children’s  Laureate, Malorie Blackman, as a child I read “anything and everything I could get my hands on”, and like her that meant that I relied on my  local library. The Government doesn’t get this – like it doesn’t get  that some people’s dads can’t fix them up with jobs in finance – but  most parents can’t afford to buy tons of books for their kids. Never  mind a university education: developing a love of reading is a basic  right that should be taken for granted by everyone in this country. I’m  with Malorie: save our libraries.

Good Library Guide : 9th June
Amazon and Google provide a much better library service than our public libraries do

And form our website:

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Library News Round-up: 31 July 2015

THE GUARDIAN : 31st JulyWhy Birmingham library needs Google and language classes to keep doors open by Penny Holbrook, cabinet member for skills, learning and culture Local Guardian : 31st JulyMore redundancies…

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