This Is Derbyshire : 8th August
More  job losses are now feared at Derby City Council
Job losses are “inevitable” and libraries and children’s centres could be run by volunteers because of £39 million of new budget cuts at Derby  City Council, unions have warned.  Council leader Paul Bayliss has conceded he could not rule out more job losses.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire : 8th August
iPlayer | Martin Hill defends signing library petition

Spalding Today : 8th August
(Update) Council chief signs libraries petition
“He’s clearly trying to face both ways on the issue but the Deepings  people aren’t fooled by this and they know where Martin Hill stands.”

This Is Lincolnshire : 8th August
Local authority slams Lincolnshire County Council library proposals

Harrow Observer : 8th August
Ten library jobs ‘at risk’ amid technological revamp in Harrow

Marion Brighton

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