DutchNews.nl : 7th September
Not all libraries should be closed: cabinet

THE INDEPENDENT : 7th September
Boyd Tonkin: Brum’s palace of the book is a triumph – but can it spread its golden glow?

Birmingham Press : 3rd September
Six years late and way over budget

Birmingham library

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Libraries News Round-up: 4th July 2014

To everyone : There's a Thunderclap for Lincolnshire Libraries here > Please join in! https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/13483-can-you-savelibraries-today?locale=en BookBrunch: 4th July Impassioned Sieghart is star turn at PLS annual meeting http://www.bookbrunch.co.uk/article_free.asp?pid=impassioned_sieghart_is_star_turn_at_pls_annual_meeting  Leon's Library Blog…

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