TOMORROW on Twitter >Lincs library campaigners will be live-blogging from Downing Street and Westminster under the hashtag #Lobby4Libraries

BBC News : 7th April
More than books: How libraries are branching out to pull people in

ITV News : 7th April
Consultation on the future of Liverpool’s libraries starts
There is likely to be a significant reduction in the 19 libraries that are currently operated across Liverpool.

Liverpool Echo : 7th April
Liverpool residents being consulted on libraries they want to save from closure

The Star : 5th April
Volunteers keen to run Doncaster libraries

Sussex Express : 6th April
Final chapter for Lewes Library saviours
‘Friends’ disband after 15 yrs work puts Library on safe footing

Derby Telegraph : 7th April
Nearly £250,000 in library fines owed to Derbyshire County Council
“I’m speechless. They’re on such a small budget I don’t see how they can afford to let a quarter of a million pounds just slip and still say they’re going to axe the mobile service.”

Get West London : 7th April
Hillingdon’s first head librarian at Uxbridge Library opening

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