DAILY MAIL : 6th July
The Knowledge People? Attempted rebrand gets librarians raising their voices in outrage
The story was also published earlier today on Page 4 of ‘The Times’ (behind ££Paywall)

Sunderland Echo : 5th July
The final chapter for Sunderland’s Carnegie libraries?
“Hendon and Monkwearmouth are of historic significance, built with  altruistic and philanthropic ideals, to help people. It is tragic this  idealism is being swept away.”

Spalding Today : 6th July
A public consultation on controversial plans to reduce library services is to go ahead


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Libraries News Round-up: 17 October 2016

THE BOOKSELLER : 17th October 'If we lose our celebrated bookshops and our libraries we will never improve our nation's literacy' by Baroness Gail Rebuck http://www.thebookseller.com/blogs/if-we-lose-our-celebrated-bookshops-and-our-libraries-we-will-never-improve-our-nations Clitheroe Advertiser : 17th…

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