THE GUARDIAN : 6th February
For many library visitors, I’m the only person they’ve talked to all day

SKY NEWS : 6th February
Library Closures Top 400 In Five Years 
Culture Minister, Ed Vaizey MP,  quoted

Conservative Home : 6th February
Ed Vaizey:  Labour’s cynical game. First they close libraries. Then they blame others

BBC News : 6th February
‘Leak’ reveals West Berkshire library closures plan
an “unbelievable loss”

Daventry Express : 6th February
Union could launch legal bid to block Northamptonshire County Council’s outsourcing plans

Daily Echo : 6th February
Preferred options for groups to take on all five libraries in Southampton that could close

Bedfordshire News : 6th February
Is this the final chapter for libraries in Bedford Borough?

Lancashire Evening Post : 6th February
New battles launched in bid to protect libraries

BBC News : 6th February 
Flintshire | Library opens in Deeside Leisure Centre but others shut

Lancashire Telegraph : 3rd February
Thousands oppose plans to axe libraries in Lancashire

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