Question Everything : 5th July
Press statements are not delivered under oath
The leadership in the library profession has failed to promote libraries to the people who  hold the purse strings and instead have spent their time navel gazing  and jumping on every blue sky band wagon that passes by. They are as  much responsible for the mess we find libraries in as the councillors  and politicians slashing the libraries budgets in my opinion.

BBC News : 5th July
Powys mobile library service ‘under review’
Mobile library services in rural parts of Wales are under a review which could see them cut.

Good Library Guide : 5th July

They Work For You: 4th July
Dan Jarvis PQ | Libraries : 4th July
Sunderland library campaigner calls for closure rethink

This Is Lincolnshire : 5th July
Should public funding  for libraries be cut?

Save Lincolnshire Libraries : 5th July
Article: should we be cutting public funding from local libraries?


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