Politics.co.uk : 4th July
Comment: Our museums need to confront politics
Public organisations that display the past often shy away from the  gritty realities of the big political issues or ideologies – and that  needs to change.  The relationship between politics and public institutions – in the form of museums, libraries and art galleries – has always been complex.  There is little in history or art that is not in some way political.

This Is Local London : 4th July
Consumer Finance Association attacks Haringey Borough Council for blocking pay day lenders on its computers

Grantham Journal : 4th July
Labour’s Charmaine Morgan talks midwifery unit closure and the battle to keep libraries

Gov.uk : 3rd July
Press Release | Enterprising libraries: delivering entrepreneurs for the future
Libraries across the country can now bid for additional funding to help budding local entrepreneurs.

Charmaine Morgan

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Libraries News Round-up: 23 April 2016

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