BBC News : 3rd February
Public libraries get online access to research journals
The PLS says the move will “strengthen the position” of public libraries at a time when they are “under pressure”.

THE BOOKSELLER : 3rd February
National Libraries Day ‘will have good support’

Early Day Motion – National Libraries Day 
Session: 2013-14     Date tabled: 30.01.2014
That this House recognises that public library services are …..

Liverpool Confidential : 3rd February
Liverpool’s libraries mustn’t crumble
Now the public libraries are being decimated, closed and dismantled. Where are the public’s books? The still-new Central Library, on William Brown Street, is very popular but does it represent a centralisation of resources at the expense of the local inner city branches?

Carnegie Library at Lister Drive

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Libraries News Round-up: 27 July 2016

THE GUARDIAN : 27th July Anger as Derby plans to hand over most of city's libraries to volunteers THE BOOKSELLER : 27th July New libraries minister stresses community action…

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