Leon’s Library Blog : 2nd March
Heads in the Cloud
Ever since taking over…sorry, merging with the IIS Cilip has lacked any comparator body to challenge its dominance of the library &  information field. Consequently, no competition equals plenty of naval gazing.

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 1st March
Let’s reclaim ‘community’

Lincolnshire Echo : 1st March
‘If campaigners want to go to court to save Lincolnshire libraries, they should pay for it’
Mr Hill said: “There’s been judicial reviews of every single council that’s tried to reform its libraries service and that’s no surprise.”  He said: “I have no problem with that.  I have no problem with people appealing but if they feel they that strongly, stand up and put their money where their mouth is and don’t expect taxpayers to pay for this.”


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