This Is Nottingham : 25th May
Samantha Mattos: Libraries are a modern marvel
Our visits have ensured that books and everything else the library has  to offer are uppermost in my daughter’s favourite things.

Canberra Times : 27th May
But what if I can’t find it on the internet?


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Library News Round-up: 8th November 2014

THE TIMES : 8th NovemberCould the librarians please shush?Preview (behind ££Paywall) MAIL : 8th NovemberAnger as silence in libraries is shattered by creches and concerts Echo : 8th NovemberLibrary campaigners…

Libraries News Round-up: 13 December 2017

Northamptonshire Telegraph: 13 December ‘Unreasonable’ time constraints imposed on groups battling to save Northamptonshire libraries Bolton News: 13 December New Little Lever library and health centre plans move step…

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