Public Libraries News : 23rd July
Edinburgh visitors up 15%: the England/Scotland divide

Good Library Guide : 23rd July
Fact or friction
The  Sieghart programme is a nonsense on several levels – and this is only  one of them.  ‘Friction’ in this context  is a nonsense –  in life no  one should  aim to do things less well than they can be done. That is called  mediocrity.

Market Rasen Mail : 23rd July
Caistor library set up an example to county
Caistor’s county councillor has spoken out against plans to scrap the town’s council-run library – and says user numbers are actually rising.  Conservative councillor Tony Turner made his feelings clear at Caistor Town Council’s monthly meeting, backing up his  argument with striking figures.

iMap Libraries Blog : 24th July
Who loses when libraries close?

library plough hill

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Libraries News Round-up: 11 March 2016

THE GUARDIAN : 11th March Finland ranked world's most literate nation 16 places ahead of the UK Barry Today : 11th March Dinas Powys call for library volunteers§ionIs=news&searchyear=2016…

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