India Education Diary : 24th January
Public libraries to get a massive facelift under National Mission on Libraries

BBC News : 23rd January
Library cuts plans approved by Herefordshire Council

News 24 : 24th January
US kids don’t read much on e-readers, tablets
Sixty-two percent of children had access to either an e-reader, a tablet or both – but only 49% of them used the devices for reading, either alone or with their parents, the study found.  And when they did read, it was typically for about five minutes a day – compared with about half an hour with printed books.

This Is Cornwall : 23rd January
Cutting back library hours is not an easy choice but it is a necessary one

Camden New Journal : 23rd January
Maureen Lipman: Saving libraries is as important as saving your local pub
“It is costing the Keats Community Library £250 a day to keep it open. It must be supported. It is irreplaceable”

Maureen Lipman alongside Lee Montague from Keats Community Library

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Libraries News Round-up: 11 February 2016

Lancaster Guardian : 11th February House of Lords challenge to Lancashire’s library cuts bDaily Business News : 11th February Stockton | UK’s first library-based building society branch looks to land in Yarm…

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