Spiked Online : 23rd February
Turning libraries into community centres
Libraries are for reading, not knitting

UK Authority : 23rd February
Six library authorities take up cloud e-book service

Buteman : 23rd February
Put school librarians before top job, says Argyll and Bute MSP

Gloucester Citizen : 23rd February
Community call to action to preserve Brockworth Library’s future
volunteers fear running out of funds

Leicester Mercury : 23rd February
Axe set to fall on Barwell library as County Hall cuts costs

Nuneaton News : 23rd February
Leicestershire | Bid to protect Barwell library taken to Parliament

Swindon Advertiser : 23rd February
Letter ‘Town deserves better’
“We do not deserve to be a laughing stock with a council that closes our, repeat, our libraries” — Clive Hooper, Wroughton

Swindon Advertiser : 18th February
Wiltshire | Calne Library set to trial no-staff system

Book shelves

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Libraries News Round-up: 7th October 2013

Cambridge News : 7th October Big Society-run libraries in Cambridgeshire never happened - but the big cuts have http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Cambridge/Big-Society-run-libraries-in-Cambridgeshire-never-happened-but-the-big-cuts-have-20131007031434.htm OpenDemocracy.net : 7th October Bradford | Radical Library Camp: in the fight over…

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