Daventry Express: 21 October

Alan Moore threatens to pull out of TV project in Northampton in light of ‘continuing destruction and pillaging of town’s resources’
If this library stuff goes ahead then I regret having to say that but I have to draw a line. I cannot go on passively accepting all of this needless despoliation that is being perpetrated in the place where I grew up.”
Uckfield News: 21 October
East Sussex | Observer: Wrong time for councillors to vote for increased allowances
Independent Saturday columnist ponders library closures set against councillors’ allowances
Sussex Express: 21 October
East Sussex | LETTER: Library cuts must be fought

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Libraries News Round-up: 26th January 2014

Public Libraries News : 26th January Editorial | UK children’s libraries could do better http://www.publiclibrariesnews.com/2014/01/uk-childrens-libraries-could-do-better.html Basingstoke Gazette : 25th January Hampshire | Future uncertain for Kingsclere library "I am optimistic that we will be…

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