The Guardian : 21 November
School libraries are a good thing: it’s official
The Big Issue : 21 November
Alan Bennett Interview | “One of the real regrets in my life is that I have never kept a donkey” 
There’s also a simmering anger which frequently bubbles over at the decaying state of a nation that claims to revere Shakespeare yet closes its libraries…… He writes despairingly: “As the government continues to pick the state clean, one marvels at its ingenuity in finding institutions still left unsold.”
The Bookseller : 21 November
Chancellor urged to end ‘toxic’ cuts and provide emergency relief for libraries
Coventry Telegraph : 21 November
Budget: Coventry council admits it can no longer protect most vulnerable
library provision is also set to be massively cut
Peeblesshire News : 21 November
Scottish Borders | Job cull looms at Live Borders
The charitable trust which, in April 2016, took control of the museums, libraries, community centres and public halls previously run by Scottish Borders Council (20 year contract) is seeking to cut its 400-strong workforce in a bid to save cash.
Chester Chronicle : 21 November
Chester Library drop-in sessions will reveal more about its new home
Chester library to become ‘Storyhouse’ – a theatre, cinema and library space
County Echo : 21 November
Pembrokeshire | Library set to continue to open
St Davids library has opens for two hours on a Saturday since Summer due to rota of volunteers. Scheme extended till end of January. More sought. 
Scottish Daily Record : 21 November
Nicola Sturgeon ‘dares’ kids to write reviews and leave them inside library books to encourage reading culture
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