THE GUARDIAN : 20th July A library is not just about books: it’s also a place for the vulnerable If another 400 UK libraries close by 2016, as predicted, the true loss to society will be even greater than we realise

Guardian Series : 20th July Buckhurst Hill Library to open two extra days each week The library will be open and fully staffed by Essex County Council  Library staff on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9am until 5pm.   The extended hours are thanks to a partnership between Buckhurst Hill Parish Council and Essex County Council that will see both organisations share accommodation.

Buckhurst hill library

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Libraries News Round-up: 19 May 2016

Brixton Buzz : 18th May Lambeth Full Council meeting ends in farce as residents are prevented from having say over library closures Lichfield Mercury : 19th May Lichfield Library…

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