THE GUARDIAN : 2nd March
Ed Vaizey accused of giving Commons ‘misleading’ figures on library closures

Vaizey accused of issuing ‘flawed’ figures on library closures

Buckingham Today : 1st March
Big shake-up ahead for Bucks libraries in an effort to balance the books

Bucks Free Press : 1st March
Council may wash its hands of running libraries in Bucks

Brixton Buzz : 2nd March
Lambeth Library campaigners leaflet Brixton ahead of of mass rally on 5th March

Argyll News : 2nd March
Russell cites ‘failures in decision making process’ in asking Council to reconsider cutting Library services
‘I have had a careful look at both the decision making process and at the law; and I think Argyll & Bute Council has problems with both those matters.’

The Courier : 2nd March
Fife Councillor claims his vote (for closures) buys time for Glenwood Library


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Library News Round-up: 1st November 2014

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