TES: 2 April
Infant pupils ‘swiping left’ when they pick up books
Motion proposed at NUT conference
i News: 2 April
Children are picking up books and ‘trying to swipe left’ teachers told, as concern for future of local libraries grows
The Telegraph: 2 April
Children are swiping books in attempt to turn pages after being raised on tablets and phones
National Union of Teachers: 2 April
Speak Up for Libraries
“Reading for pleasure is a skill for life and is consistently shown to be one of the most powerful springboards for children’s engagement with learning, thinking and creating. The Government needs to put libraries, books and reading for pleasure centre-stage in its vision for children and young people.”
Belfast Telegraph: 2 April
Fears for future of library lifeline for families who cannot afford books
Bristol Post: 2 April
Teacher says books are such a novelty kids try to ‘swipe’ them like screens
Weston Mercury: 2 April
Somerset | Headteacher calls on people to complete library questionnaire
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Libraries News Round-up: 13 October 2017

Morning Star: 11 October Bennett Praises Public Libraries As Lifeline For Kids Alan Wylie quoted. http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-a9a8-Bennett-praises-public-libraries-as-lifeline-for-kids#.WeHVBBNSzoB Hastings Observer: 13 October East Sussex | Residents discuss next steps of campaign to…

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