15 libraries under threat in Wirral

Liverpool Echo : 18th June
Wirral council insists it has ‘no plans’ to close libraries but says it is ‘exploring all options’
The report states that having groups run libraries would be preferable to “total loss”.

Wirral Globe : 18th June
Wirral Council chief steps in to deny library ‘closure plan’

The Courier : 18th June
Perth Campaigners ‘fight on’ to save West Mill Street Library
Campaigners are to take their fight to have a Perth library reopened to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.

Computer Weekly
A digital Magna Carta – is Tim Berners-Lee on the right track?
A clear, guaranteed right to internet access does not yet exist in the UK but as the web becomes embedded in daily life, access will become a necessity, not a “nice to have”. The terms of the rights are crucial – should an individual have the right to internet access at home, or is access through places such as public libraries sufficient? If access through public libraries is sufficient, how should that be funded?

Kilburn Library

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