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Children turn away from books in favour of reading electronically
However, the report is a blow to attempts to improve reading  standards as research also shows  those who read print as nearly twice  as likely to be above average readers as children who read  electronically (26 per cent as opposed to 15.5 per cent).  In addition,  those who only read on screen are  four times less likely to say they  enjoy reading (12 per cent compared with 51 per cent).  The Trust is  urging parents and teachers to promote a better balance between using  books and technological devices for reading.

Literacy Trust : 16th May
Children’s on-screen reading overtakes reading in print
details of their Research

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 16th May
I’ve seen the future; David Ruse and the Tri-borough experiment!

Ledbury Reporter : 16th May
Council meeting deferral came following feedback from ‘councillors, the public and reviewing public petitions’
Coun John Jarvis defended the deferral in similar terms, telling the  Hereford Times that protestors should “channel their energies” into  finding alternatives by which threatened services could be delivered.
(and see comment from Bobby47)

Hereford Times : 16th May
Protesters gather outside council headquarters despite vital meeting being called off
In the face of growing and vociferous public protest, cabinet was  expected to approve the principle of the proposed cuts and send that  approval to the full council meeting next Friday as a recommendation for debate.  Instead, a decision taken behind the scenes at Brockington this  morning now leaves that approval of principle entirely in the hands of  the full council, with the Tories holding a majority of one.

Ross Gazette : 16th May
Herefordshire | Library threatened with closure
The Minister for the Arts opened it with much fanfare in March 1988,  holding it up as a beacon of council excellence. Fast forward 25 years  and after countless – and costly – consultations, pay reviews, job  evaluations,  and restructuring, Ross Library is at crisis point. The  news this week that the library service will have a crippling 75%  slashed from its budget, has been met with a mixture of disbelief,  incredulity and mounting anger.

BBC News : 16th May
Herefordshire Council postpones cuts decision

Hereford Times : 16th May
The Paul Rogers Blog: Libraries and Museums should be saved
Paul Rogers is the ‘Hereford Times’ senior reporter

The Echo : 16th May
Southend’s library services “will be improved”
Mr Harris added: “In some areas if people don’t want to safeguard them it will be very difficult, it would perhaps suggest that they don’t  want their libraries as much as we thought.”

Ealing Today : 16th May
Library and Leisure Services to be Contracted Out
If the plan is approved, John Laing Ltd. will take over the running of  the library service. They already run the libraries in Hounslow and  Harrow and the latter borough would act as the client on behalf of  London Borough of Ealing in what would be a shared contract.

Guardian Series : 15th May
Anger as smaller libraries miss out on £5 million investment in Waltham Forest
“It really does stink. When we’re  talking about £5 million and it’s going to just a few libraries, that’s  pretty outrageous. The investment won’t be that good for the people in the borough who can’t travel to these ones.”

Sunderland Echo : 16th May
Concern over Sunderland library closure plans
Library users could be struggling to make their opinions heard as councillors  plan sweeping reforms.   …….. The proposals could see a number of  static libraries close, with library services opening up in other community buildings functioning with the  help of volunteers.

Southport Visitor : 16th May
Sefton | Campaign group submits business plan to save Southport’s libraries

Crosby Herald : 16th May
Sefton | Mum urges council to rethink Carnegie Library closure
“We don’t have a computer at home so we come in to use the ones here  and one of my daughters has a visual impairment so she goes to the  library to listen to the audio books.”  Eleven-year-old Spencer said the library had helped him with his school work.  He said: “I come here to  do research for history projects I’m doing. The library has helped me  with my vocabulary and it’s helping me with my literature and everything else in school.”

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