16th January
DCMS Report under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 for 2012/13

New Statesman : 15th January
Five reasons Universal Credit will fail – even if they sort out the IT
It’s also not enough to be digitally literate. Computers and the internet are expensive, particularly on £71.70 a week. Libraries are not the obvious solution they may first seem – 1,000 will have closed by 2016, travel is costly and even impossible in rural areas, and public computers are often time-limited and oversubscribed. First one

YouGov : 15th January
Public Libraries Not Dead Yet
51% of the UK population have a current library card and 47% have used a public library in the last 12 months

The Star : 16th January
Letter | Stop wasting council taxpayers’ money

The Star : 16th January
Letter | Consultants’ fees should be spent on libraries


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