THE BOOKSELLER : 16th December
Campaigners protest over Herefordshire library cuts

The Library Campaign : 16th December
With friends like these

The Guardian : 16th December
Zero-hours contracts are not poisonous and councils should proudly use them
Libraries are being kept open thanks to staff on zero-hours contracts. When used responsibly they can play a vital role

Stoke Sentinel : 16th December
Stoke-on-Trent | Letter – Library a lifeline for all residents
It would be a blow were any of our libraries to be closed, but it would be devastating in the Meir, which is one of our most disadvantaged communities.

Huddersfield Examiner : 16th December
Here’s a real turn up for the books… Huddersfield Library is one of the busiest in the country!
The region saw a 4.8% drop in the total number of public libraries with 18 fewer this year than last, as well as a 2.6% decrease in total expenditure from the previous year.–turn-up-6407925

Exeter Express & Echo : 16th December
Libraries help the Devon economy
Libraries have a role in helping new and small businesses grow, says Dr Stephen Fear, Entrepreneur in Residence and Ambassador at The British Library.

Wembley Matters : 15th December
Barham Library campaign to oppose Trustees’ Appeal
The Barham Library building has now been empty for over 26 months and will now remain empty for another 6 while we await the Appeal Hearing. This is just an appalling waste of time and money.

Nottingham Post : 16th December
Frank, 2, signs up in crusade to save Bakersfield Library

Huddersfield Library

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