THE BOOKSELLER : 16th November
Plan for privately-run Devon libraries passed

BBC News : 16th November
Lancashire County Council plans job cuts and library closures
Proposals include reducing the county council’s library network from 74 libraries to 34

Burnley Express : 16th November
Huge cuts to Lancashire County Council services announced

Coventry Telegraph : 16th November
Reaction: Coventry library campaigners hit out at £5m cuts plan

Bournemouth Echo : 16th November
Letter | Library move “not the answer”

Bournemouth Echo : 16th November
New location denounced as “death warrant” for Ensbury Park Library
“The council keep making a song and dance about having a coffee bar there. It’s not what we’re really after.”

Ross Gazette : 16th November
Options for Hereford Library to be debated

South London Today : 16th November
Greenwich | Proposals to axe a mobile library has opened fears over the loss of services for communities away from town centres§ionIs=news&searchyear=2015

News North Wales : 16th November
Denbighshire | Rhyl library sign change – omitting the word ‘library’ – causes concern

Grantham Journal : 15th November
Lincolnshire | Letter – Please be aware of library cuts
My local library is now a “community hub”, run by volunteers who are doing the job under very difficult circumstances, and limited funds.  It is now open for less than half its original hours. If I felt pedantic enough I could write to my local council and ask for a reduction in my council tax, as I no longer receive a service I very much valued.

Dewsbury Reporter : 15th November
Kirklees | Clarity needed on libraries
“There needs to be a clearer definition of the two tier model of services (Town and Community Supported Libraries) being proposed so that the public can clearly understand the rationale and the service offer they can expect.”

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